Monday, July 9, 2007

New Pipeline Technology

Innovations in drilling and transporting technology for fossil fuels are what make the necessary reserves possible. Some off shore rigs drill ocean floor that is one to two miles beneath the surface of the water. This would obviously not be possible without the ingenuity of modern man. Not only does new technology make drilling like this possible, but it also produces more fossil fuels out of every location by that might not otherwise be reachable. Pipeline innovations for transport are just as vital to the industry by making the transportation process more profitable and efficient.
A device known as the Smart Interrupter, designed for radio detection has been designed to monitor the effectiveness of cathodic pipeline protection. This interpreter is a solid state interrupter used by corrosion technicians. Cathodic protection is widely used to prevent corrosion around the globe, and this device makes maintaining and investigating this method much simpler. When the Smart Interrupter is utilized, the pipeline is completely undisturbed, keeping maintenance from interfering with transporting fuels.
There are many computing resources now used in the pipeline industry. Inventive software developments enhance visualization and manufacturing abilities. SCADA software from ICONICS recently developed flagship software for Manufacturing Intelligence compatible with the Microsoft Vista operating system. Because of this operating system compliance, Window's Visto will increase the security, productivity, and infrastructure of pipeline development substantially. There are a plethora of industrial automation benefits brought about by this software solution.
Advancements in coating technology continue to develop due to the need for construction efficiency as well as safety. A primerless coating has been developed by the Covalence Adhesives Corrosioin Protection Group. It is a cold-applied, primerless coating for corrosion protection of joints and fittings and is distinguished as a Polyken 4000 PCS coating. This coating also complies with environmental standards by not emitting VOCs.
The high demand for leak detection has produced an advanced detecting technology that singles out methane from other gases, thus preventing false alarms. The DP-IR leak detection technology, developed by Heath Consultants Inc., will improve the productivity and safety of walking or mobile pipeline surveys. It utilizes an infrared optical gas detection system and will replace the traditional flame ionized technology.
A-T Controls has created shut-off valves that have already been approved by the FERC. Their advanced design features a build-to-order application to protect fuel-burning equipment, a spring-return automated ball valve that is completely explosion-proof, a superior valve seating, and a patented stem seal system. These shut-off valves are extremely reliable and compact, saving space and lives.
These are only a few of the recent developments in technology that companies like Western Pipeline Corporation are using and investigating to continue to improve the business of fuel transportation.

About the Author: Bob Jent is the CEO of Western Pipeline Corporation. Western Pipeline Corporation is a successful, private independent producer of oil and natural gas.